April 4, 2016 Roadtofreedom

Road to Idomeni 2

Last month my team and I travelled to Idomeni on the border of Greece and Macedonia, what lies within this hopeless makeshift camp is a segregated group of forgotten, desperate souls who have nothing left, except hope. The hope that perhaps one day their fellow humans will locate their hearts and open the borders offering a safe passage to a life every human being deserves.

Nothing prepares you for the travesties you bear witness to when visiting a place like this nor do you ever get used to hearing the cries of women and children or seeing  the looks of despair on strong men’s faces, a real humanitarian catastrophe I never expected to see in my lifetime.

I feel compelled to make the journey back to these people who are stuck in such a high degree of hopelessness so together with the team, I shall be returning to Idomeni, Macedonia from May 6th – 14th to provide food, clothing, hygiene or whatever is needed.


The current situation in the Idomeni refugee camp is a high degree of miserable with more than 12,000 people living worse than animals in this squalid environment in the hope of crossing the Greek border which as we speak has been closed leaving men, women & children stuck in horrendous, muddy conditions with nowhere to turn, and clueless about what happens next.

As if their futures hanging in the balance isn’t enough to contend with these vulnerable people are also now extremely susceptible to health issues with conditions worsening every day, Hepatitis A and diarrhoea is rife and water is scarce, there are also numerous complaints of food with expired dates being given to the refugees. These tumultuous conditions have now led to mental health cases and suicide attempts, a testament to the devastating surroundings currently being endured.

As nations make the move to close their borders and turn their backs in order to stem the tide of refugees, the political paralysis that has gripped Europe shows no signs of ending leaving so many lives in limbo and dreams in tatters; we can’t turn away from them too.

My team & I will be working to make their perilous journey slightly more bearable distributing both aid + food on the borders of Greece and Macedonia to keep them alive and well.

We are aiming to raise £1000 which will be used to purchase and provide food, clothing, blankets and whatever aid is required when we arrive.

Not a few hours manages to pass in a day without my thoughts wondering to not only all the wonderful people I’ve met on trips so far but to all who suffer the demise of a war torn nation.

This is not only an emergency but a catastrophe, a crime against humanity and together with your help we want to start putting the pieces back together of a very broken picture.

#RoadToIdomeni #RoadToFreedom

God Bless

Ra’ed Khan