Road to Idomeni

The Festival of Sadness

When asked to write a blog post about our trip, I felt overwhelmed, it’s difficult to articulate an experience like this, especially as so much happened while we were out there. Here goes, a snapshot of my experience…

At first, I was very anxious about going on this trip simply because of the mental and emotional strain the previous trip (Road To Macedonia) had on me. Other team members and my family were concerned with my well-being and rightly so, I was crying near enough everyday leading up to Road To Idomeni but that could not stop my determination to see this trip through, at the end of the day it’s not about me.

photo of camp

We arrived at Skopje airport shortly after midnight on Thursday 24th and was greeted by our Macedonian contact, who kindly arranged our accommodation for the night. The apartment was located in the city centre, with a view that took my breath away! It was a bit surreal actually, knowing that the next morning we would make our way south to Idomeni (Greece), where 12,000+ refugees were still stranded at the Greek/Macedonia border, living in makeshift tents and squalid conditions with hardly any access to clean water facilities.

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Road to Samos


After heading back from Serbia last month where we provided much aid to the refugees at the Croatian border and Calais the month before, we decided to head to the shores of Samos, a tiny Greek island in the Aegean Sea.

As the refugee crisis worsens with the winter creeping in, countless innocent lives are further lost. These children, women and men escaped death in their own countries yet it caught up with them as they searched for safety.

Samos 4
Many, just this month alone have drowned in the Aegean Sea desperately trying to make that treacherous journey across the water. Those who are not taken by the water later succumb to hypothermia and other such illnesses due to the lack of aid and resources there. It is horrific to know that these people are dying in Europe, humanity is failing.

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