September 15, 2017 Roadtofreedom

#GrimeAid17 – Aid distribution in Somalia

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Road to Freedom are thrilled to announce that the distribution of aid to those caught up in the crisis in Somalia has begun  The funds raised at #GrimeAid17, hosted in conjunction with Noisey, have been used to distribute food parcels to those in need in Baodia and Kismayo which will last them for over a month.

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The parcels include:

Flour 25kg, Rice 15kg, Sugar 15kg, 4kg dates and 3 litres of oil

The on-going famine in Somalia, coupled with attacks from terror organisations, has meant that thousands have had to flee their homes and those left behind have been left with limited food and resources.


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None of this would have been possible without the generosity of those that donated and attended the event, with special thanks due to Noisey and the artists that performed on the night. All our of love to Human Relief Foundation currently on the ground making this happen for us.