A big thanks to the Jazz Café for hosting our second Grime Aid event. We were able to raise £2,000 to be used to provide more aid within the refugee camps.

Julie Adenuga kicked of the second Grime Aid event with the following message:

“What’s a refugee ? A refugee is someone who’s had to leave their country. They’ve had to leave their country because there’s war, there’s real things going on and they can’t go home. Tonight as much as we’re here to have fun, we need to remember that it’s not just a word. These people are doctors, students, they’re us right now…”

This simple but powerful message set the tone for the rest of the evening. Everyone came together to donate money and watch performances from Abra Cadabra, The Heavy Trackers, Prezident T and Double S. As well as a special guest performance from Kojey Radical.

It was another amazing night, where the feeling of love was overwhelming. Thank you to all those who performed, all those who donated, and all those that attended!


Get in contact with us and find out where we're going to be rendering aid to next.