Road to Idomeni 2

Last month my team and I travelled to Idomeni on the border of Greece and Macedonia, what lies within this hopeless makeshift camp is a segregated group of forgotten, desperate souls who have nothing left, except hope. The hope that perhaps one day their fellow humans will locate their hearts and open the borders offering a safe passage to a life every human being deserves.

Nothing prepares you for the travesties you bear witness to when visiting a place like this nor do you ever get used to hearing the cries of women and children or seeing  the looks of despair on strong men’s faces, a real humanitarian catastrophe I never expected to see in my lifetime.

I feel compelled to make the journey back to these people who are stuck in such a high degree of hopelessness so together with the team, I shall be returning to Idomeni, Macedonia from May 6th – 14th to provide food, clothing, hygiene or whatever is needed.

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